The more people in your workplace who can report unsafe situations, the safer it will become.  But how can you make that process easy for everyone?  With the free RiskReporter app for iOS and Android it’s as simple as snapping a photo and sending an email!  Information is structured and categorised and sent directly to a designated inbox for processing.  Together we see more.

Motivate your co-workers

You can download personalized campaign material to encourage your co-workers to send notifications.  

Because safety is a shared responsibility!

Report dangerous situations in three simple steps

Need to follow up on your notifications?

The RiskReporter free app allows everyone in the team to report unsafe situations.  Do you want to be able to log and track notifications that have been submitted this way?

A few key facts

Free app

> 15,000 users

> 130 countries


Completely free

The free RiskReporter app is backed up with a free, downloadable poster and email template so you can encourage your staff to get involved in creating a safer workplace for everyone.

More involvement

By making it quick and easy to report unsafe situations, the free RiskReporter app encourages employee involvement.  It increases both the quantity and quality of notifications.

Greater safety awareness

The free RiskReporter app enables every employee to report potentially dangerous situations at work.  This greater involvement improves the awareness of safety within the entire organisation.

Compare solutions

A solution for every need and budget.

Automatic notifications
Assign actions
Clear dashboard
Basic reports

Create your own campaign material

  1. Fill in the name of your company and the email address of your safety advisor.
  2. Press Submit to generate your personalised campaign material.
  3. Download the poster and email template.
  4. Print out and display the poster prominently; send the email out to your team.
  5. Encourage team members to download and install the RiskReporter free app from the appropriate app store for their device.
  6. If they have a QR code reader they can configure RiskReporter by scanning the QR code printed on the poster or email; if they do not have a QR code reader they just need to type in your safety advisor’s email address when they first install the RiskReporter app.
  7. Every notification that’s created via the RiskReporter app will be sent to this email address.
  8. Encourage everyone to start using the app to report unsafe situations. Remember, safety is about having eyes everywhere!