Step 1

Prepare awareness material for your company

Want to get as many eyes as possible looking out for unsafe situations?  Our free, personalised awareness material has been designed to do just that.

- Just type in your company name and the email address of your safety advisor to generate a downloadable PDF poster and an email template.

- A personalised QR code printed on the poster makes it simple to configure the free RiskReporter app or these details can be typed in manually when the app is installed.

Step 2

Download the free RiskReporter app for Android or Apple

Encourage your colleagues to search for “RiskReporter” in their app store or to follow the direct links to the Google Play or the App Store from the awareness email.

Step 3

Configure the app… and start using it!

Configure the app by typing in the email address of your safety advisor or by scanning the QR code which already contains these details.

Using their smartphone, colleagues can now instantly report dangerous situations as they come across them.  With just a few clicks they’ll be able to submit a complete, structured notification, together with supporting photos, for you to assess, prioritise and action as required.  Exactly what you need in your quest for complete workplace safety!