Verifield RiskReporter

Emails, phone calls, photos, printouts and even hand-written notes… reports of risks and dangerous situations can come from many sources and in many formats, making them difficult to process and manage.  Used with the RiskReporter free app, Verifield RiskReporter brings everything together in one place, making it easy for you to manage and report on risks and unsafe situations across your organisation.

Manage your risks: from notification to report


App integration

All the information from the app – including location, category, and degree of risk, plus any photo – is loaded straight into the Verifield RiskReporter module as soon as it’s received.

Save time and gain insight

Verifield RiskReporter gives instant information on urgent risks and quick insight into the most frequent type of notification – invaluable information for running targeted awareness campaigns.


Once logged in Verifield RiskReporter, the information can be used to generate useful reports, such as a handy action list with an overview of open tasks and priorities.

You can’t be everywhere at once, keeping an eye on workplace safety!  With the RiskReporter free app you can count on your colleagues to report unsafe situations.  Information arrives in a predictable, uniform format and it’s automatically loaded into the Verifield RiskReporter module, so you always know exactly what’s happening.

Once notifications have been automatically loaded into the Verifield RiskReporter module, you can manage them dynamically.  You can assign actions to each notification, follow up and respond in a structured way.  The dashboard presents a clear overview of current irregularities and all the related tasks and actions.

The Verifield RiskReporter module provides a range of basic reports, including reports by category, a report on different risk levels and a list of all open actions.  Instant reporting helps you to manage priorities and plan your time.

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Uniform notifications
Automatic notifications
Assign actions
Clear dashboard
Basic reports

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Integration into Verifield

All notifications via the RiskReporter app are integrated in Verifield and automatically assigned to the manager/managers. They receive an e-mail notification and see the RiskReporter items on their dashboard.

Viewing details of the reported risk

From the dashboard or the mail the assigned manager can go directly to the detailed description of the risk

Create tasks to counter reported risk

The manager can add tasks and assign them in order to reduce the risk(s) and prevent it from happening again. The assignee will receive a mail and also see the task on their dashboard.

Overview of all tasks and their status

For each item in RiskReporter, the manager gets an overview of all tasks associated to this risk and their status


Report on all RiskReporter notifications

The manager gets an overview of all reported risks per category and per risk level